York University 11th Annual Philosophy Graduate Conference: Philosophy of Emotion

Please join us April 25-26 2019 in Vanier College 001 (Renaissance room) for our Annual Graduate Conference. The talk schedule and abstracts for keynotes can be found below. Thursday, April 25th  10:00-10:30 Coffee, Registration, Brief Opening Remarks 10:30-11:30 Rachel Lehmann (Georgia State) : Feeling Insulted is Being Insulted Comments by Jef Delvaux 11:30-12:30 Sanja Sreckovic (Belgrade): The role of emotions in… Continue reading York University 11th Annual Philosophy Graduate Conference: Philosophy of Emotion


Hope and Video Games

By Brandon Tinklenberg, February 2019.   During the second grade, I was obsessed with the video game called Oregon Trail. The game was first developed in 1971 by three Minnesota high school history teachers, who famously created the game in just two weeks. It was later redesigned by the Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium (MECC) and… Continue reading Hope and Video Games

CFA: 11th Annual York Philosophy Graduate Conference

Our 11th annual conference, which will be held on April 25-26 2019, will focus on the nature and significance of emotions. We will accept submissions on epistemology, ethics, metaethics, aesthetics, philosophy of action, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, and political philosophy. Papers that address any of the following questions are especially encouraged: What are… Continue reading CFA: 11th Annual York Philosophy Graduate Conference

Holding Publishers Responsible for Fake News

by Daniel Saunders, November 2018. In the Black Mirror episode, ‘Nosedive’, Lacie lives in a world in which even her smallest social interactions are rated and figured into a score. Lacie engages in rigorous self-discipline to keep her score high but after a series of unfortunate events, she loses control, her score plummets and she… Continue reading Holding Publishers Responsible for Fake News