Are Captive Primates Robbed of their Culture?

By Brandon Tinklenberg, August 2018. Abigail died at 41 years of age in April of 2001. She was suffering from kidney failure. She was a Sumatran Orangutan who spent most of her life in zoo enclosures in Toronto. She was first acquired by the Riverdale Zoo in the early 1960s. Toronto’s first zoo, Riverdale was… Continue reading Are Captive Primates Robbed of their Culture?


‘Political Correctness’ – Whoopty Do, what does it all mean Basil??

By Lauren Edwards, May 2018. The term “political correctness” echoes in the current cultural chatter. One side shouts about “thought and language policing!” and “political correctness gone too far!”. The other roars about “sensitivity and safe spaces!” and “anti-political correctness gone mad!”. The conversation divides and devolves into nonsense: “I say you can’t say that… Continue reading ‘Political Correctness’ – Whoopty Do, what does it all mean Basil??

Field Report on Men’s Rights Activism.

By Anonymous SJW, April 2018. On March 2nd, 2018, I attended York University Men’s Issues Inaugural Event, “Growing Up Fatherless,” a talk by Karen Straughan. The poster gave little indication that the event was any different from one of the many feminist-oriented talks about gender on campus.  Eager to hear what I thought would be… Continue reading Field Report on Men’s Rights Activism.

The Social Epistemology of Right-Wing Extremism

by Dan Barron, March 2018. During the ultimately tragic melee that was the Charlottesville monument protest, one of the protestors attempted a remarkable metamorphosis. Separated from his fellow white supremacists, and pursued by counterprotestors, he takes off his white polo “uniform” and announces “I’m not really white power, man – I just came here for… Continue reading The Social Epistemology of Right-Wing Extremism

How to Solve the Moral Problem of Climate Change

by Michael Montess, September 2017. Climate Change is an incredibly difficult problem that we are simply not doing enough to solve. The problem, however, has both a practical and a moral dimension. The present climate change narrative focuses on the practical dimension of the problem, but unless we consider the moral dimension, we will not… Continue reading How to Solve the Moral Problem of Climate Change

How Free? Speech, Liberty and Social Stability

by Dylan Ludwig, August 2017. ‘Free Speech’ is typically thought of as a principle either accepted or rejected wholesale. The ongoing debate that it inspires seems focused, for the most part, on strictly political or legal implications. But the issue is certainly more complex than this, and in the interest of moving forward, it is… Continue reading How Free? Speech, Liberty and Social Stability