New Interesting Podcasts

SCI PHI is a weekly philosophy of science podcast hosted and produced by Nick Zautra, a Joint Ph.D. student in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science and Cognitive Science Program at Indiana University Bloomington. Check out the latest episode with York alumni Serife Tekin. Open Questions: An Ethics Podcast is a project hosted… Continue reading New Interesting Podcasts


More Resources

Carrie Jenkins has compiled a page full of tools and advice on 'how to be a public philosopher.' Included is a list potential publishers of work by philosophers, and tips on writing a pitch. SOPHIA (The Society of Philosophers in America) has launched the magazine Civil American, which is seeking to become 'the philosophical equivalent… Continue reading More Resources

How to Solve the Moral Problem of Climate Change

by Michael Montess, September 2017. Climate Change is an incredibly difficult problem that we are simply not doing enough to solve. The problem, however, has both a practical and a moral dimension. The present climate change narrative focuses on the practical dimension of the problem, but unless we consider the moral dimension, we will not… Continue reading How to Solve the Moral Problem of Climate Change